Malaysia Month September 2019

Experience the historical significance of Malaysian cuisine in our Café Restaurant Treff in September 2019!

The Malay Peninsula became a major trading center in Southeast Asia as trade between China and India began to flourish. At that time, the Straits of Malacca started busting with life. The first Malay kingdoms were created by harbors founded in the 10th century. In the early 15th century, the sultanate of Malacca was founded. Its wealth attracted Portugal's interest and later became a center of colonization by the Dutch and the British.

It is not without reason that Malaysia is praised as a gourmet's paradise. Here are the influences of numerous culinary traditions - Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Portuguese and British influences have mixed with the Malay cuisine, plus the kitchens of Thailand in the north and Indonesia in the south and east. And not to forget the Nonya cuisine, a unique combination of Malay and Chinese cuisine. This fusion kitchen is something very special, a treat of the very special kind. A unique mélange from the kitchens of the East and the West.

Malaysia, a peninsula, passable in less than a day and surrounded by turquoise waters is a definite reflection of this cuisine with the motto, not the uniqueness but the diversity makes the difference! In its indescribable water and island landscapes, the Land of a Thousand Eagles is home not only to vast amounts of wild, exotic plants and animals, but also to the richest cultural mix in Southeast Asia. It is said that one can eat a different dish in Malaysia every day of the year and still know only a small fraction of the Malaysian cuisine. This kitchen is in constant evolution.

Experience this history-rich cuisine in our Café Restaurant Treff in September 2019!

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