Best of Bern 2017

We would like to thank the Magazine Best of Bern 2017 for a great reportage!

The Café Restaurant Treff in Bern is located, so to speak, at the melting pot of East and West, namely the Gerechtigkeitsgasse in sight of the Bear Park and near the Zytglogge Old Clock Tower. Not only can we hear a multitude of languages from all over the world in the summer, but locals have long ago discovered the restaurant as a place where you can discuss your culinary wanderlust and discuss about art, God and the world. For almost a year he has been leading the Café Restaurant Treff in Bern, Jaswant Singh, born in Malaysia, which has always been a multicultural state, just like Switzerland today. He also appreciates the exceptional location of the restaurant in the midst of a UNESCO world cultural heritage. But not only that: He feels responsibility. Responsibility to provide guests with something special.

Official meeting area

The Bear Park and Zytglogge Old Clock Tower are tourist attractions of the first quality. Many foreign groups connect these two attractions with a walk, which automatically brings them at Café Restaurant Treff. In the vast majority of cases, their tour guides already know what is gastronomic and appreciated by the tourists, namely specialties from the East and West. But of that later. The locals, who are not just urban tourists, meet here for three reasons: first, because the menu offers something extraordinary, secondly to feel the smell of the wide world and, thirdly, to meet with friends, knowing that wellknown Swiss artists also frequent to appreciate the ambiance. The fact that the restaurant is called "Treff" (Meeting Place) is not a coincidence. Here the official meeting zone begins in the lower part of the old town, as can be seen on the traffic signs with a reference to a maximum speed of 20 km / h.

Fresh on the table

Jaswant Singh tells us how to make a virtue out of necessity before we learn about the secrets of gastronomy in Switzerland over the last 25 years. Because the rental rates in the Old Town are high and the storage space is thus limited, he orders the regional food several times a day, in small quantities, which are then processed immediately. Just in time to say it New German. "Do not worry," he laughs, "I do not let the different vans drive exclusively for the deliveries, they are anyhows always out and about in the city."

Visually new rooms

Those who were the last time in the Café Restaurant Treff in Berne a year or two ago will hardly be able to recognize today's restaurant, and the three restaurant areas have been upgraded in such a "fine feeling" style. The photos on this page say more than words. Above all, it is noticeable that both the exterior and the interior have been given equal attention and that they have been harmonized with each other as a unit. Indoor is 100 places available, on the terrace another 100 seats. What we are talking about is not the description of an architectural office, but a restaurant – lets move on definitely to the menu. Where ... menu is actually the wrong expression, there are specialties from East and West, which are here, also matched. This is not a hodgepodge of dishes, which are offered according to the chance principle, even if the selection is extremely diverse.

«Offer what guests want»

"What we cannot serve, these are typical Swiss specialties," notes Jaswant Singh. And why not? "Rösti, fondue or raclette are available in many Bernese restaurants, but we have deliberately refrained from offering them also, but we offer specialties, which are also prepared by specialists, namely our chefs. Our customers value this ». A look at the menu confirms this statement in its entirety. Countless sushi delights can be enjoyed as well as noodles or tapas in all variations, along with a large selection of Italian specialties. Especially popular: Fried Chicken, Szechuan Poulet, Hot-Treff Burger, Pizza Quattro, Ginger Beef or Fried Salmon Steak. Have a look at the menu on the homepage ( Surprises not excluded! By the way: the wine menu also impresses with a professional selection with surprisingly reasonable prices. Wanderlust and over there It is astonishing how many tourists from the Far East are coming back and ordering what they know from their homeland ", says Jaswant Singh. On the other hand - and hand on heart, dear readers: Who of us on a four-week trip to the USA would not even like a dish from our homeland? However, if you want to pamper yourself asian cuisine, the Café Restaurant Treff is the first place to indulge in a crispy fried duck on a Teriyaki / Sweet Hotsauce on wok vegetables with rice. Or during a Sukiyaki.

Apropos Italian: The selection of pizzas, pasta and risotto is as diverse as the Italian in Italy ... Italy! !